MLB All-Star Game Will No Longer Determine World Series Home-Field Advantage

87th MLB All-Star Game

Since 2003, the league that won the MLB All-Star Game had home-field advantage in the World Series. That will no longer be the case as it was announced that the home-field advantage will go to the pennant winner with the better regular-season record.

“The change was included in Major League Baseball’s tentative new collective bargaining agreement, person with direct knowledge of the negotiations confirmed to USA TODAY Sports. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the CBA has not yet been finalized.

As part of the changes for next year, players in the All-Star Game will have the incentive to play for a pool of money.

The DL change will allow teams to make quicker decisions on whether to bring up a roster replacement rather than wait to see whether the injured player would be ready to return to action in less than two weeks.

An international play plan is part of the new agreement that includes a payment schedule for potential games in Asia, Mexico, Latin America and Britain, plus U.S.-based special events such as this year’s July 3 game between Atlanta and Miami in a specially built ballpark on a military base in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.”

The American League won 11 of the 14 All-Star Games played under the old rule, and the AL representative won eight World Series in those years.

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