NFL Insider Adam Schefter to Start Covering NBA Under New Deal with ESPN

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Over the last decade ESPN reporter Adam Schefter has established a reputation as the most reliable source for breaking NFL news. With over 5 million followers on Twitter, he is one of the most influential men in football and more or less a brand unto himself.

Now the number one name in NFL news is going to start covering the NBA as well.

Schefter has signed a new five-year extension with ESPN that will see his portfolio expand significantly. In addition to his role as NFL Insider, Schefter will now have his very own football-themed podcast called “Know Them From Adam: The Adam Schefter Show.” He’ll also get occasional assignments as an NBA sideline reporter during the regular season when his NFL workload is light.

“I love what I do but you are always curious to try different things,” Schefter told Sports Illustrated‘s Richard Deitsch. “I know people think of me as this robot who doesn’t do anything outside of NFL news, injury reports, contact extensions, and hirings and firings. I love all that stuff but everyone likes to do things a little different or outside the box.”

Schefter’s crossover to the NBA may come as a surprise to sports fans, but it’s not surprising to his friends and colleagues. Over the last several years Schefter has become a self-described NBA junkie, playing daily NBA Fantasy and chatting up ESPN colleagues and players for tips.

“I went from knowing nothing about the NBA a couple of years ago to knowing every player on every roster,” Schefter said. “It’s become a side hobby and the bosses are aware of that.”

Schefter is well equipped to become a major player in NBA news. He’s apparently already acquaintances with Clippers superstar Chris Paul, with whom he trades NFL intelligence for NBA tips. Give him a few years to establish contacts and he’ll probably dominate the NBA news cycle.

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