Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah Debate Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protest on The Daily Show (Video)


Over the course of the past year, political pundit Tomi Lahren has become a conservative media superstar at the age of just 24 thanks her fiery diatribes on everything from Black Lives Matter, to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Halftime performance, to Colin Kaepernick‘s national anthem protests.

On Tuesday, Lahren stepped out of her comfort zone at TheBlaze studio to go toe-to-toe with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. The segment lasted a full 25 minutes and featured many heated exchanges. However, it was their exchange over the Colin Kaerpernick controversy that is getting the most attention.

Here is what Lahren had to say about it:

“Why would you take out your perceived oppression of black people out on the national anthem and our flag, a country you live in, a country you benefit from, a country that people of all races have died for, have died to protect, have died for the vote, died to be enfranchised by this nation, how do you then go and disrespect the flag and the anthem of that country?”

And here is Noah’s response:

“Maybe you’re a person who’s lived and read through history and you realize that a lot of those people of every color who died for this country, some of them didn’t have the rights that their fellow servicemen had when they came back to the country after fighting for it. Maybe you’re one of those people who realizes the penal system in America was designed to oppress black people, it was designed to enslave people, it is a relic of slavery, maybe you’re one of those people.

“So what I don’t understand is, a guy is kneeling in the corner, I don’t understand why that offends you so much.”

You can watch the entire segment below. The Kaepernick discussion starts at 17:03.


(If you live in Canada, watch the video here.)

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