Maine Players Wear Rainbow Warmup Shirts To Protest North Carolina’s HB2 Law


Before the Maine Black Bears got ready to take on the Duke Blue Devils at Cameron Indoor Stadium on Saturday, they wanted to send a message to the lawmakers out there.


Maine players wore rainbow warmup shirts to protest North Carolina’s controversial HB2 law. The bill discriminates against transgender people who prefer to use the restroom of the gender they identify with, rather than the one on their birth certificates.

“We agreed that pulling out of a game at Duke when Duke is against the law and Coach K came out against, really couldn’t have an impact,” coach Bob Walsh told Matt Norlander of CBS Sports. “But what if we used it as a learning experience for our guys? I’m proud of our league and our school for the way we promote inclusion and equality. I never thought this was going to be a national headline, so I’m proud of our guys for understanding a different viewpoint they don’t hear a lot about.”

“Just seeing how much inequality there is in some LGBT communities such as in North Carolina with the new law that was passed was very shocking, and I’m glad we can do something to stand up against it,” Pirovic said. “Being part of You Can Play to me means standing up and being an ally to help change the culture of how the LGBT community is treated and showing them the support they have from athletes everywhere.”

The controversial bill forced the ACC to move it’s conference championship game to Orlando and forced the NBA to move its all-star game from Charlotte as well.

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