Draymond Green Goes OFF on the NBA For Saying His Kicking is Unnatural


After last years playoffs, where Golden State Warriors F Draymond Green had way too many incidents regarding him kicking people, all eyes are on him each time he does it this season.

It happened yet again when he kicked Houston Rockets star James harden square in the face after carelessly throwing his legs up once again.

Green didn’t appreciate the talk from some in the NBA who say that his body reacting that way was unnatural, and he spoke about it recently.

“I just laugh at it because it’s funny how you can tell me how I get hit and how my body is supposed to react,” Green said after the Warriors’ shootaround. “I didn’t know the people in the league office were that smart when it came to your body movement. I’m not sure if they took kinesiology and all this stuff for their positions to kind of tell you how your body is going to react when you get hit at certain positions.

“Or you go up and you got guys that jump to the ceiling, and I’m sure a lot of these people that make these rules can’t touch the rim. Yet they tell you [that] you are way up there in the air and which way your body [is supposed to react]. I don’t really understand that. That’s like me going in there and telling them, ‘Hey, you did something on this paperwork in here wrong.’ Like, I don’t know what your paperwork looks like. It is what it is. I think they made the rule and make your rule. Like, I don’t care.”

Then he proceeded to take a shot at James Harden as well:

“If you’re going to say it’s an unnatural act, no offense to James Harden, but I’ve never seen nobody up until really James start doing it in my life that shoot a layup like this under your arm,” Green said.

They need to go take a few more kinesiology classes though. Maybe they can take a tape in class, functional movement classes and let me know how the body works because clearly mine doesn’t work the right way.”

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