Odell Beckham Jr. Says a Ref Told Him to ‘Get Out of His Face’ When He Asked About a Call

New York Giants v Pittsburgh Steelers

The New York Giants went into Pittsburgh on Sunday riding a 6-game win streak and looking to extend it to stay within striking distance of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Steelers were just too much as they won the game, 24-14, ending that streak.

During the game, Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. was called for an offensive pass interference.  When he went over to ask an official about it, what he got was something he didn’t appreciate.


Beckham wanted it to be clear that the officials weren’t the reason the Giants lost today, but believes this particular crew shouldn’t do Giants game anymore.

“That’s clearly not the reason we lost the game. Just to make that clear. The Steelers are a very good team and they beat us today.”

This was the same crew that did the Giants-Panthers game last year.

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