Eric Dickerson Says Jeff Fisher Must Have ‘Naked Pics’ of Somebody to Get a 2-Year Extension


Just before the Los Angeles Rams took the field to play the New England Patriots, it was announced that head coach Jeff Fisher was given a 2-year extension to stay with the team, and no one seems to know why.

Former Los Angeles Rams running back and hall of famer Eric Dickerson recently had a run-in with Fisher when he was informed by him that he was no longer allowed on the Rams sidelines because he badmouthed the team and makes the players uncomfortable.

Dickerson has since stated he wouldn’t be attending another Rams game until Fisher is gone and after that extension he got, it looks like he’ll be waiting awhile.

During an interview with FOX 11 Los Angeles on Sunday, Dickerson called that extension a ‘joke’ and wanted to know who Fisher has naked photos of to keep getting extensions with his poor coaching record.

“How in the world can you give a guy an extended contract and he has five losing seasons?” Dickerson said to FOX 11 Los Angeles on Sunday, according to Michael Moraitis of FOXSports. “And I asked (COO) Kevin Demoff and he says ‘it’s not about the records.’ OK, what is it about? It’s about him showing up on time? Looking up at the scoreboard real nice like?

“I’ll say it again; where are the naked pictures? Who has them? Because something is going on here to hire this guy back again for another two seasons. It’s a joke, unless they’re just kind of waiting to try to get the fans to hold on until we get a new stadium and just ride this out. He’s not a winning coach. I just have to say it. Nothing against Jeff Fisher, it’s nothing personal at all, but I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I want our football team, the Los Angeles Rams, to win also and we can’t win with Jeff Fisher as head coach.”


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