Penn State Fans Riot Hard After Shocking Big Ten Championship Win (Videos + Pics)

Penn State Fans

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Nobody thought the Penn State Nittany Lions would win the Big Ten at the beginning of the season. Nobody thought Penn State would win in the middle of the season, when Ohio State and Michigan were both ranked in the top four in the country. And nobody thought Penn State would win at the end of the second quarter of Saturday’s championship game, when they trailed the Wisconsin Badgers by 21 points.

However, as you have probably guessed if you didn’t already know, Penn State did win the Big Ten. They stormed back from a 28-7 lead late in the second quarter, then stop stopped the Badgers on a 4-and-1 at the Penn State 26 with a minute left in the fourth quarter to seal a 38-31 victory.

The kids back home in State College, PA? They were thrilled to finally have something non-pedophile related to cheer about. So they took to the streets and started pulling down street signs, smashing lamp posts, and shattering bus shelters.

Oh, and they were smart enough to document their vandalism in crystal clear HD video and high-res photographs so the cops can track them down and charge them.

Take a look:

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Police in State College said they eventually broke the crowds up with pepper spray around 3 a.m., and that they are “weighing possible arrests.”

Fortunately it doesn’t look like the Nittany Rioters did much if any actual damage to small business. However, you can bet their insurance premiums are still going to go up.

Good work, kids.

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