Pittsburgh Steelers Pope Is Nothing Short of Awesome (Video)


Normally when we see weird old men dressed up in costumes for their football teams’ home games, they choose to do something either really tough (like Raiders fans do) or something extremely goofy. I’m not sure where this guy, who dresses up as a Pittsburgh Steelers-themed Pope, falls on that spectrum, but he’s plenty funny.

Once you take in the impressive costume, the next step is to watch the video and hear him speak. Pittsburgh accent? Yup. Referencing a Primanti Bros. sandwich in his “sermon?” You better believe it.

Great people here! Great place! I’ll be back

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I hope this guy goes on a worldwide tour like the real Pope does. He could really help a lot of wayward Steelers fans all over the globe.

And when was the last time you saw a pontiff in front of a pair of Marshall stacks? So metal…

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