The Exact Moment Ron Rivera Confronted Cam Newton About Not Wearing a Tie (Video)


There has to be more to this story.

Last night on Sunday Night Football, Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton was temporarily suspended for one series in favor of Derek Anderson, who threw an INT on the 1st play.

Nobody had a clue as to why he was disciplined, but as the game continued, it was revealed that Cam didn’t start because he didn’t wear a tie.


TMZ got a hold of the footage from the exact moment coach Ron Rivera stopped Cam in his tracks and told him about his dress code violation.

“Here it is … the moment Panthers head coach Ron Rivera confronted Cam Newton about his dress code violation before the team trip to Seattle … and TMZ Sports has the video.

It all went down on Saturday at the bay area hotel where the team had been staying since playing the Raiders in Oakland the previous weekend.

After the players and coaches had boarded their buses to go to the airport to head to Seattle to play the Seahawks … Rivera got off his bus, went to Cam’s bus, and pulled Cam off for a 1-on-1 convo.

We’re told this was the moment Rivera confronted Cam about his dress code violation — not wearing a tie on travel day.”

Cam stated he couldn’t wear a tie with his turtleneck and he didn’t have time to find a shirt that matched his outfit.

Bizarre situation.

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