Johnny Manziel Is Drunk and Apparently Partying with 16-Year-Olds (Pics)

Johnny Manziel won’t be going to jail for that domestic violence case from last year, so apparently he’s doing what Johnny Manziel does best.

No, not playing football. What is this, 2014?

He’s partying like an idiot with sketchy people.  And naturally, it’s all popping up on Snapchat:




There WAS an accompanying tweet with these pics saying that Manziel’s cohorts were teenagers, but it has since been taken down. Thankfully, we got a screenshot of it from Terez Owens:


I’m not sure what’s going on with this guy, but it’s clear that Manziel’s on the same dangerous path he was about a year ago before claiming he was sobering up. We’ll see what happens next, but it’s hard to imagine a football career is even in the cards anymore.


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