Radio Announcer Kevin Harlan With Another Classic Call of Jets Streakers (Audio)

Kevin Harlans Call Jets Streakers

Kevin Harlan (Image via Getty)

Earlier this year, during the San Francisco 49ers’ blowout of the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1, Westwood One radio announcer Kevin Harlan gave us one of the all-time great calls of a fan running onto the field.

On Monday night Harlan was at it again. During the New York Jets’ lacklustre performance against the Indianapolis Colts, a couple of bored (and most likely drunk) Jets fans took off their shirts and ran across the field at MetLife Stadium, where they eventually got destroyed by stadium security.

The raw video taken by fans in the stands was pretty entertaining all by itself. But it’s even better when you add Harlan’s radio commentary.

Have a listen:

Not as good as Harlan’s call of the Rams-Niners streaker, but it was still pretty great.

I don’t really want to encourage idiots to run out onto the field and delay already-interminable NFL games. However, if you really insist on doing it, at least have the decency to make sure Kevin Harlan is calling the game.

Hat Tip – [The Score]

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