Philadelphia Phillies Pistachio Girl Fired For Being a White Nationalist


What a time to be alive.

Emily Youcis, the pistachio girl for the Philadelphia Phillies, found herself out of a job that she’s been at for seven years because the team found out she was a white nationalist.

“Pistachio Girl has been fired from her job as a food vendor at Citizens Bank Park.

In an interview with Red Ice TV, an internet outlet that promotes white identity politics, Emily Youcis, 26, said she was terminated by Aramark after being told her social media activities supporting white nationalist ideas do not reflect her employer’s values.

Last month, Youcis gained attention when she became involved in a fracas outside a conference of the National Policy Institute, where she had been interviewing protesters who accused the group of supporting anti-Semitism, white supremacy and fascism.

“We want to stand up for white America — we’re the backbone of this country, the white working-class people,” she said at the time.

Youcis said she had been a supporter of the white nationalist “alt-right” movement for about 10 months.”


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