Insane Video Shows Dudes Train Surfing in Paris and Running from the Cops (Video)


A group of teenaged British freerunners are facing prosecution in Paris after going train surfing on the Paris Métro last week. But hey, at least they shot some amazing video.

Rikki Brewer, a 17-year-old from London, posted a video of he and his friends performing the stunt on YouTube. In it, we see them hop over a railing, onto the roof of the Passy Métro station, and then onto the roof of a stopped train. The train then takes off, carrying the teens over the River Seine, right in front of an illuminated Eiffel Tour, before pulling into Bir-Hakeim station, at which point the daredevils scatter to avoid getting arrested.

Take a look:

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Brewer describes himself on YouTube as “a new and upcoming urban crazy explorer/vlogger.” He recently told the Telegraph that this was his first time train surfing, and that it was “thrilling.”

As you would expect, RATP, Paris’ regional transit operator, found the stunt less than thrilling.

“Such behaviour is extremely dangerous, irresponsible and reprehensible,” reads RATP’s official statement. “That is why the RATP has decided to contact judicial authorities (with a view to prosecution).”

Of course, for an extreme sports enthusiast looking for YouTube superstardom, being prosecuted is all part of the game. But something tells me 17-year-old Rikki Brewer’s parents would prefer he didn’t go to jail in France.

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