Obnoxious Basketball Player Gets Owned Not Once, but Twice, Then Blames His Shoes (Video)


Guys like this are the worst.

The defender here in this video is tenacious and energetic, which is fine, but he is so to the point that he gets flat-out WORKED by two not-so-blinding moves.

The first one sends him about ten feet away, which isn’t a good spot to be in as a defender.  The second juke crosses him up so badly that he falls over.

That should have taught him his lesson, but he does that stupid thing wear he licks his hands and rubs the bottom of his shoes like the issue was just one of traction.

It’s nice to see him get schooled.

“Stick to social studies” is the best put-down ever.

If someone sees this kid at the YMCA in ten years, pants him for all of us.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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