IG Model Upset Judge Won’t Let Her Keep Sextape of Von Miller So She Can Pleasure Herself (Video)


Last month, TMZ uncovered a sex-tape scandal involving Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller and a woman who secretly recorded their encounter, and she was apparently using it to extort money from Von.

Reports claimed that she was asking for $2.5 million to keep the tape a secret, but after speaking with TMZ, she made it clear that she was keeping the tape for masturbation purposes only.

Von Miller and his team have been working behind the scenes to get their hands on this tape, and it looks like it has worked because now the sextape co-star is being forced by a judge to give up the goods.

“The woman who co-starred in the Von Miller sex tape says the judge gave her 3 DAYS to hand over her copy … or else.

We spoke with Elizabeth Ruiz on her way out of the L.A. courthouse where she was ordered to appear in her sex tape war with the NFL superstar.

As we previously reported, Miller is trying to block her from releasing the footage — which they both shot on their cell phones during a trip to Mexico earlier this year. Miller claims Ruiz tried to extort him for $2.5 million. Ruiz says the allegations are 100% false.

Ruiz says she’s frustrated over Tuesday’s court order to fork over her copy — insisting she’s done NOTHING wrong.

“It was consensual. I own 50% of the rights of it and it’s just not fair.”

“I already complied to not releasing it, duplicating or showing it to anybody, but I want to keep my copy.”

Ruiz says she likes to watch it privately — and should be able to enjoy it by herself.

Ruiz was representing herself in court — but says she plans to get a lawyer before the next hearing.”

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