Joe Thomas Says He Wants to Stay With Browns To Deliver That ‘Chicago Cubs Moment’

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are a terrible franchise. Seriously. They are horrible and the fans are in an emotional abusive relationship with the team, and they can’t seem to walk away from the them.

Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas has spent his entire 10-year NFL career there and has never missed a snap, resulting in him losing 109 of 156 games during that time period.

Sitting at 0-12 and headed for yet another embarrassing playoff-less season, Thomas is trying his best to see the good in all this.  He recently spoke about why he wants to stay with the team for the remainder of his career—so he could deliver that ‘Chicago Cubs moment’ for the city.

During an extensive interview with ESPN’s Elizabeth Merrill, Thomas was ecstatic that he wasn’t traded away at the deadline, because he doesn’t want to miss the Browns’ bright future.

“I’m a Clevelander,” Thomas said. “I’ve spent the majority of my adult life here. Every day when I come to work, it’s ‘Let’s turn this team into a consistent winner.’ Because it would be such a special story. It would be like when the Cubs won the World Series. Everybody in the country has probably been cheering for them for so long because they’ve been suffering for so long. And you want to cheer for teams like the Browns.

“It’s a blue-collar city, and for a blue-collar guy like myself, it’s easy to fall in love with the people and kind of the chip on the shoulder that a lot of people have because they feel like they’ve been slighted for so long. It’s so important for me to be here for the turnaround. I don’t want to just get a Super Bowl ring (by) being traded to a dream team. It would feel unsatisfying. Unfulfilling.”

Thomas is approaching his mid-30’s and is under contract until 2018.

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