Guy Suing Matt Barnes & DeMarcus Cousins Released Photos of His Injuries (PHOTOS)


On Monday, DeMarcus Cousins and teammate Matt Barnes got into a brawl at an NYC nightclub where both sides are claiming to be choked by the other party all because of an accidental bump in the VIP section. The accusers are now suing both of them for an unspecified amount and they have now released photos to TMZ showing his injuries from that night.

“The man suing Matt Barnes and DeMarcus Cousins just released pics of his alleged injuries … and it’s pretty brutal.

Myrone Powell and Jasmine Besiso just appeared at a news conference in NYC — where, along with attorney Michael Lamonsoff, they spelled out their case against the NBA stars.

Myrone still has a black eye from the incident — and says he doesn’t know why he or his girlfriend were targeted by the NBA stars at Avenue Nightclub Monday morning.”


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