Kevin Love Blows Snot and Wipes It on His Jersey, Because Ballers Don’t Have Time for Kleenex (Video)


Basketball fans who tuned into Wednesday night’s nationally televised game between the Cavaliers and Knicks got way more than they bargained for. And I’m not talking about the Cavs’ enthralling attempts to master the water bottle challenge.

Late in the first quarter, Cleveland power forward Kevin Love had himself a little snot issue. And by snot issue I mean he had a giant glob of snot dangling from his nose. But alas, there was no time to go to the bench for a tissue. So he just reached up, grabbed the snot glob with his hand, and wiped it on his jersey.

Take a look:

That certainly was not the first time snot has taken the spotlight during a sporting event, and it won’t be the last. But it was still pretty gross.

I’m not really sure anything can be done about this sort of thing. Maybe the NBA could switch to full-length sleeved jerseys so players can stuff tissues in their cuff like your little old granny?

After the game, which Cleveland won 126-94, Love took to Twitter to crack a corny joke at his own expense:

The sad thing is, Kevin Love’s snot issue completely overshadowed this totally badass full-court outlet pass to LeBron James:



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