Derek Carr’s 4th Quarter Incompletion to Amari Cooper Appeared to Hit NBC’s Spider-Cam Wire (Video)


In the fourth quarter of last night’s Chiefs-Raiders game, QB Derek Carr escaped through a bunch of flying bodies to throw a bullet to wide receiver Amari Cooper, who was wide open and had nothing but open space in front of him for the touchdown.

Only one problem. NBC’s spider-cam appeared to be playing defense against the Raiders, as the ball hit one of the wires, changing its direction and resulting in an incompletion.

“The ball certainly appears to slightly change its path and does not stay in a spiral. You can see the moment where Cooper looks like he is running and tracking the ball, then throws his hands out and alters his run.

Cooper did not specifically mention a wire (and may not have noticed what it was) but did say that the ball changed direction at the last second.”

That was a huge play in the game and that loss dropped the Raiders from 1st seed in AFC playoff picture to 5th.

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