Joe Haden Upset People Thinking Bama Could Beat Them: ‘We’re The Laughingstock of Every Joke’

Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles

The Cleveland Browns are having a season to forget.  They currently sit at 0-12 and appeared headed for the record books as the first team to lose all preseason games as well as regular season games.

Everybody has jokes.  It’s expected when your team is that bad, but veteran cornerback Joe Haden doesn’t find one particular joke to be quite funny at all.

A few days ago, Bleacher Report ran a simulation that pitted the Alabama Crimson Tide against the Cleveland Browns.  Bama steamrolled them by a score of 34-0 and Haden found that joke to be quite disrespectful and a ‘smack in the face’.

“Comparing a college team to an NFL team, it’s disrespectful,” Haden said Friday, according to Pat McManamon of ESPN.

“That’s a smack in the face,” he added. “It makes you very upset. That’s just a slap in the face. It doesn’t make any sense. Alabama is great. They’ve got amazing players. They’ve got players who are going to play in the NFL. We’ve got a team full of NFL guys.”

Haden has been on the squad since 2010, when he was picked in the first round.  He has endured multiple losing seasons, but nothing like this 0-12 start.

 “I’ve never been in a situation like this where we’re literally the laughingstock of every joke,” Haden said.

Here’s the video that got Joe Haden so upset:


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