Marquette King Responds to Travis Kelce Celebration Dance with Epic Burn (Tweets)


Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King has become famous this season for his elaborate dance celebrations after good punts. So on Thursday night, after King punted the ball to the Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill, who then ran the ball back for a 78-yard touchdown, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce seized the opportunity to give King a taste of his own medicine by doing a little “ride the pony” right in the punter’s face.

When Kelce was done dancing, he and King exchanged a few pleasantries. After the game, the NFL Network crew asked Kelce what King said to him. Kelce said King told him he didn’t have any rhythm:

So what did Marquette King have to say to that?

How about this:

Lest you’ve forgotten, Kelce was recently the star of his own Bachelor-style reality dating show called Catching Kelce on the E! network. So yeah, King DEFINITELY wins this round.

The lesson here? If you didn’t actually have anything to do with a play, maybe keep the celebration to a minimum.

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]

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