Rumors Swirling About Alleged Affair Between Kim Kardashian & Raiders P Marquette King

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos

For the first time since 2002, the Oakland Raiders will end the season with a winning record and possibly head to the playoffs as well, as they sit at 10-3 currently.

It’s been a dream season so far for Raiders fans, but it seems the honeymoon is possibly over if the rumors are true that noted athlete destroyer Kim Kardashian is having an affair with Oakland Raiders standout punter Marquette King.

With Kanye West losing his mind recently at a concert and subsequently cancelling the remaining stops on that tour, rumors began swirling that his wife Kim Kardashian has stepped out on him and was possibly having an affair with the Raiders’ flamboyant punter.


Let’s just hope for his sake and future that this rumor is 100% false.

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