DeAndre Jordan Cries in Court Because His Baby Mama Attempting to Block Him From Seeing His Kid


Just like any other regular man on the street, if you’re an athlete and have a kid with a woman and things go south afterwards, you will go through absolute hell trying to see that child that you helped create.

Los Angeles Clippers C DeAndre Jordan is finding that out the hard way, as his baby mama, Ashley Rose, is attempting to get sole custody of their child—which would probably mean more child support as it always comes down to them wanting more money and living a certain lifestyle.

TMZ Sports has learned … the Clippers superstar appeared in a Ventura County courtroom with his attorney, Disso Queen Laura Wasser, early Friday morning where he was battling to get overnight visits with his kid.

DJ’s baby mama, who also appeared in court with her lawyer, Leon F. Bennett, is pushing for sole legal and physical custody — and DJ is fighting back arguing that he wants to be an active parent and have a major role in his child’s life.

We’re told the judge ordered joint custody for now — with overnights — and told both parents they may NOT have drugs or alcohol 8 hours before their time with the kid and must remain sober while the child is in their care.

However, sources close to the baby mama say DJ will only have about 2 overnight visits per month.

DJ was extremely emotional during the hearing and even broke down in tears at one point. We’re told he’s very happy with Friday’s results.”

The case is due back in court in March of 2017.


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