Chad Johnson Helps Struggling Mother to Make Her Son’s Christmas Special

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson hasn’t played in the NFL in years, but somehow he’s become way more likable off the field than he ever was on the field.

Johnson is extremely humble, thoughtful, and regularly has back and forth conversations on Twitter with his fans.

While sifting through mentions on Saturday, he came across Twitter user @jjabb05, who replied to his tweet about gifts being easier but more expensive when kids are older.

Being the good guy that he is, Chad replied to her and stated he would be getting her son that X-box.

After seeing Chad’s tweet, Aaron Greenberg of Xbox Marketing, who was also in the giving mood, wanted to provide the games for the console.

There was another reason Chad wanted to give her son that console:

Then, of course, everybody wanted something:

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