Heisman Winner Lamar Jackson Says Johnny Manziel Told Him To Have Fun In College


This past Saturday, Louisville Cardinals QB Lamar Jackson brought home the university’s first ever Heisman trophy and he’s been making the rounds in New York City ever since.

On Monday, he appeared on ‘The Dan Patrick Show‘ to discuss various topics such as his past season, his Heisman speech, and what former Heisman winner Johnny Manziel had to say to him when they were hanging out after his win.

What the sophomore thought when he heard his name called as the winner:

No way, because I wasn’t thinking I was going to win this award. You know, because there was so many great guys. I can’t even explain it.

What it was like to have his mother in attendance and talk about her in his speech:

A dream come true because I always wanted the spotlight on her for all the hard work she put into it. I needed someone up there (on stage) to talk for me.

On celebrating with a number of the finalists and the advice he got from former winner Johnny Manziel:

Deshaun Watson came out of the room. Baker Mayfield, he’s a tremendous guy, he’s a character, he’s funny. Johnny Manziel was telling me a lot of positive things, he came out of the room too. He was telling me to have fun in college, you can only stay there a certain amount of time. To just have fun with it.

Is Jackson ready for the exposure that comes with the prize?

I’m going to have to stay in the house a lot more than I did before.

On his incredible play against Syracuse, when he jumped the defender:

I wasn’t think(ing) it would go so far. I owe a lot to my teammates, but that probably wouldn’t have happened if he (Jamari Staples) would’ve have blocked the guy. But he helped me because he blocked the guy chasing me.

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