Jack Del Rio is Getting Annoyed By Dancing Punter Marquette King’s Penalties


Oakland raiders punter Marquette King has danced many times this year after a successful punt that pins the opposition deep into their own territory. One person who is tired and annoyed of seeing it is head coach Jack Del Rio, who told reporters on Monday that he never received one unsportsmanlike conduct penalty during his 11-year NFL career as a linebacker.

He brought that up because King has received multiple in back to back weeks and he wants it to stop.

“And now we have two [unsportsmanlike penalties], in back-to-back weeks, from the punter,” Del Rio said.

Jack Del Rio is probably still fuming from the loss against the division rival Kansas City Chiefs, which dropped the Raiders from the #1 seed to the #5 seed in the AFC in one night.

King was flagged during last Thursday’s loss to the Chiefs for yapping at Tyreek Hill after his 78-yard punt return. The week before that, he was flagged for picking up the penalty flag and dancing with it.

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