Justin Bieber Almost Fights After Taking Slash at Hockey Game (Video)


If you had the chance to play against Justin Bieber in a hockey game, what would you do to the Canadian pop star?  Would you try your best to put him through the boards?  Would you ask for an autograph?  Perhaps you’d try to dance around him with a little toe-drag.

One dude was faced with such a scenario while playing against the Biebs in a men’s league hockey game at the Toyota Sports Center near Los Angeles.  And he apparently chose to tomahawks chop Bieber’s stick in half during an odd-man rush.

Despite being a millionaire, Justin wasn’t happy about having his stick broken.  So he tried to fight the dude.  Then he tried to fight the opposing goalie.  And, finally, he skated off to get a new stick.

Oh, and the lumberjack who chopped Bieber’s stick?  He was ejected from the game.

Here’s the footage (via TMZ):

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