Mascots Destroying Kids at Football Is the Best Way to Spend the Next Two Minutes of Your Life (Video)


Hey everybody, stop filing those TPS reports, or dealing with the engineers so the customers don’t have to, or whatever it is you regular people do at work, and check out this video. It’s two straight minutes of famous professional sports mascots destroying kids on the football field.

Now some of you might say, “Wait a second, mascots pounding on a bunch of kids? That sounds mean.” But you’re wrong! It’s not mean. It’s actually awesome. I know Whitney Houston said children are the future, and in fairness they can be pretty great. But they can also be huge jerks. I’ve got two of them, so I know what I’m talking about. Watching a bunch of cuddly anthropomorphic animals tackle and clothesline kids is very cathartic.

Take a look:

Blue the Indianapolis Colts mascot is straight up savage.

Parents, bookmark this post and come back to it the next time your kids are screaming at you because you gave them the wrong color plate. Not that that ever happens to me.

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