Cardinals Receiver Michael Floyd Arrested for DUI After Passing Out at Traffic Light

Michael Floyd DUI Arrest

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Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd was arrested in Scottdale early Monday morning. He was charged with a DUI and obstructing a roadway after police found him passed out at a traffic light.

According to the police report, officers became suspicious of the 2016 Cadillac Escalade when it didn’t move after the light turned green. When they approached the vehicle they saw Floyd asleep at the wheel with the car running and his foot on the break. They then blocked his wheels and knocked on the window until Floyd woke up and put the car in park.

Police say they had to help Floyd get out of the car, and that he slurred his words and reeked of booze. Initially he told them he was on the way to the airport to pick up his nephew, and that he had enjoyed a couple of glasses of “house cabernet” at the W Hotel earlier in the evening. However, he later confessed that he had been drinking on the Cardinals’ flight back from Miami on Sunday evening.

On Monday, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians told reporters the team was still gathering information on the situation.

“Right now it’s too soon to know exactly what happened and what can be done,” Arians said.

Floyd had previously been arrested for a DUI while playing football at Notre Dame. With three games left in the season and the Cardinals nowhere near playoff contention, he’d better not play in another game this season.

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