Buzzer-Beaters Galore!: The Ending To This HS Basketball Game Was INSANE (Video)


Okay. So here’s how this Nebraska HS basketball game went down.

Waverly was playing Blair, and the two teams were tied at 50 with seconds left. Blair inbounded the ball, then sank a remarkable 3/4-court shot. But it was ruled that the player was fouled on the floor before the shot, so they had to inbound the ball once again.

During the ensuing inbound play, Waverly stole the pass, busted ass down the court, then sank a half-court shot to win the game…only Waverly had called timeout before the shot, nullifying the bucket.

Finally, Waverly managed to drill a three-pointer after their inbound pass, it counted, and they won the game, 53-50.

This game had a lot of buzzer-beaters.

Here’s a look at how it all went down:

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