Draymond Green Is Still Kicking Anyone Who Gets Near Him (Video)


As you can see in the picture above, that is…not a natural movement. Draymond Green has been kicking his legs out, normally while shooting, for years, with many believing that it’s an intentionally hostile act.

It’s hard to see this particular kick as a natural movement of any sort, unless he’s doing a violent jig to entertain us. The closest Pelican to him was Tim Frazier, who may have bumped Green, but it certainly wasn’t anything sinister.

Here’s the video:

It looks like he’s trying to flop or draw a foul, but the whole thing is so ugly that it’s really hard to determine what the intent is. Fortunately, no one got clipped by his errant leg.  But even if this ISN’T intentional (and I think it is), it’s pretty reckless.

If you can’t control your legs, don’t play a sport, Draymond.

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