Floyd Mayweather: ‘I’m Gonna Slap The Sh*t Out of McGregor When I See Him’ (Video)


Since being issued a license to box in California just a few weeks ago, the UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has been on a tirade, constantly bringing up how scared Mayweather is to fight him.

Floyd finally had enough and replied back to him:

“I don’t fight in California. What did he get a license in California for? … I’m (going to) tell you like this, he’s blowing smoke up everybody’s (expletive),” Mayweather said, according to FOX Sports’ Nick Schwartz. “He don’t really want to fight because I went to his boss. He don’t really want to fight. He’s just doing that to keep his name alive, you know what I’m saying, to stay relevant. He don’t really want to fight. He’s doing that building his followers, but he’s smart.”

Mayweather doesn’t believe McGregor is actually serious about fighting him, but that won’t stop him from putting his hands on Conor whenever they cross paths in the future.

“I don’t give a f–k what night it was, I ain’t never taking no L. I’m f–k McGregor up too,” Mayweather said via Periscope. “Punk-ass McGregor… I’m gonna slap McGregor. I’m gonna slap the s–t out of McGregor when I see him.”

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