LeBron Protests Trump in Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year Cover Photo (Pic)


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It took no time at all for everyone to notice and comment on the turtle neck sweater LeBron James wore on Sports Illustrated‘s Sportsperson of the Year cover. However, it took a few more days for folks to notice a subtler but much more significant wardrobe detail.

Take a closer look at LeBron’s left lapel and you’ll notice an oversized safety pin. That’s no accident. Following last month’s presidential election, the safety pin became a sign of solidarity with those Americans who fear they will be disenfranchised under a Donald Trump presidency. Wearing safety pins has thus become a subtle way to protest President-Elect Trump.

The protest was inspired by a similar one from the United Kingdom. Following the Brexit vote there was a dramatic increase in xenophobic incidents, so some people there started wearing safety pins to show refugees and immigrants that they were “safe” with them.


In October, LeBron James publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, and in November he introduced her at a Cleveland rally. It’s clear from the Sports Illustrated cover that, like a lot of Hillary voters, he is not quite ready to move on.

Of course, LeBron doesn’t do anything without carefully considering how it will affect his brand. You can bet he is fully prepared to absorb the inevitable backlash for this latest political statement.

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