Michael Jordan Once Told Rookie Rip Hamilton He Wasn’t Good Enough To Wear Jordans (Video)

Washington Wizard basketball co-owner Michael Jord

On ESPN’s The Jump, Rachel Nichols sat down with former NBA all-star Richard Hamilton to talk about playing with Michael Jordan when he came out of retirement for the second time to play for the Washington Wizards.

“Michael was fun. He had a unique personality, great to be around,” Hamilton said. “When I was on the basketball court at times with him, he was showing me the whole medium-range game – like he would dribble two times, pull up in the middle of the court and say, ‘Rip, get that in your game. That’s the hardest play in the game of basketball.'”

Jordan had his good days and then he had his ‘trash talking’ days, where he would just lay into Hamilton about anything.

“At times, me and a couple of the young guys would come up and say, ‘Hey Mike, what do you think about putting us in the brand Jordan collection?’ And he’d look at me and say, ‘Hey Rip, my sneakers (are) for All-Stars.'”

Hamilton eventually became a three-time all-star and went right back to Jordan to demand he be signed by the Jordan brand.

“Now I’m an All-Star, now you gotta put me in that sneaker, now you got to pay me the big bucks,” he said.

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