Pelicans Coach Gave Steph Curry Props for Sinking a Jumper (Video)


Here’s a funny one: Steph Curry knocked down a pretty terrific (though typical for Steph Curry) jump shot off a screen. It was a good, but not great, shot, but that didn’t keep Steph from turning to Pelicans assistant coach Darren Erman to get a quick handshake/high five.

It’s pretty funny if only because if any of us were put on the spot like that, we’d do the same thing.

“Oh, our opponent wants us to congratulate him? Better do it so we don’t seem mean!”

Here’s the video. Look for the interaction right after the bucket in the top right of the screen:

Pretty great, huh? I guess when you’re Steph Curry, you can get away with that stuff.

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