Terrelle Pryor Says Pacman Jones Calling Him ‘Garbage’ Was an ‘Accurate Statement’


After the Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, many wondered why Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones went on an absolute tirade, repeatedly calling Browns WR Terrelle Pryor ‘Garbage’.

“He told my coordinator that he’s going to cut me after the game,” Jones added. “For a guy that’s been a slouch around the league at quarterback, played decent this year for his first year at wide receiver. I’m saying all this facade, all the fake hard (expletive) that he plays out on the field. That ain’t Terrelle. I checked his background. He’s a suburbs kid from Pittsburgh. Terrelle Pryor was right there the whole game, right there in the garbage can. Next question.”

Pryor was asked about those comments on Wednesday and he stated he never crosses the line when trash talking on the field.  In a shocking turn of events, he actually agreed with Pacman Jones’ comments—that he was trash.

“He had the right. I was garbage that day. I had one catch, three yards. He was right. It was an accurate statement.”

Pryor continued:

“You can ask all of my teammates,” he said. “I’m not a guy that causes any beef or drama on the team. That’s not me. Am I on the sidelines fiery? Am I in the game fiery? Absolutely. I wouldn’t think that the fans or my coaches or anyone else would want me to not play that way.

“And if I play any other way and just shut up and didn’t do anything, I don’t think I’d play as well, so I’m just continuing to try to get better. I’ve got to get better and that’s all I’m looking forward to.”


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