Did This Couple Get Caught Cheating on Camera at a Rockets Game? (Video)


You know how sometimes you’re out with your mistress at a Rockets game, walking hand in hand and wearing matching shirts in the concourse? Well, if you’re gonna do that, you gotta be vigilantly looking out for cameras. Because something spooked this couple pretty good, and I’m pretty sure it’s not that they’re camera shy.

Maybe they’re coworkers who don’t want to get caught socializing. Maybe they were cheating. Maybe they’re just deathly afraid of cameras. In any event, they probably should avoid sporting events holding 20,000 people.

I don’t know what sort of outcome I’m hoping for here. It’s likely this won’t go so viral that they’re doomed, but I’m hoping it gets back to THEM. If they’re doing anything really wrong, like cheating, they deserve to at least sweat it out if they’re not going to get caught.

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