Josh Donaldson Had an EPIC Trash-Talk Battle With MJ on the Golf Course (Video)


I don’t know why a person would try to antagonize Michael Jordan on the golf course. That’s like roasting the Pope in the Vatican.  But Josh Donaldson of the Blue Jays didn’t lay off for one second when he was lucky enough to get on the golf course with Michael Jordan for a round.

Here’s what JD said went down. After missing the green on a par 3, Jordan said he was going to make par. JD said, “I’ll make par before you make par.”

Ok. That’s bold. Then…with both golfers looking at 20-foot putts for par, Donaldson explained, “I looked at him and I said, ‘I like my putt better than your putt.’” 

JD sank his, to which Jordan responded, “There’s nobody you want with the ball at the last second more than MJ.”

JD, not done trolling, quipped back, ““Maybe Reggie Miller, I might take Reggie Miller over you.”

Whoa. Jordan seemed to take it all in stride, saying, “How many rings does Reggie got?”

This is just amazing if it’s true, isn’t it?

It looks like Jordan didn’t take it too rough if he posed for the picture up top. Gotta admire Donaldson’s moxie, though.

Here’s the full story, via Josh Donaldson himself:

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