Gorgeous Volleyball Player Ryann Chandler Ends Her Collegiate Career by Taking a Spike to the Face (Video)


Image via @ryannchandler

Gorgeous volleyball player Ryann Chandler saw her collegiate career come to an end in the most ignominious way imaginable last week, but at least she’s kept her sense of humor about it.

Chandler, the daughter of former NFL quarterback Chris Chandler, played volleyball at Pepperdine before transferring 20 miles east to UCLA. Last weekend her no. 10 Bruins were eliminated in the NCAA quarterfinals by no. 2 Minnesota, and she’ll never forget the match point that closed things out. Because you generally don’t forget taking a spike to the face.

Take a look:

While it’s always funny to see somebody take a ball to the face, you can bet Chandler’s family and friends didn’t find it funny at all. Chandler suffered a concussion at Pepperdine back in 2013 that led to migraines and depression, which eventually forced her to take a break from school.

Fortunately, there was no concussion this time around. So when somebody made a remix of the spike to the face…

Chandler was able to just laugh it off:

Hat Tip – [Busted Coverage]

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