Rangers Goalie Henrik Lunqvist Gets DESTROYED by Savage Hit from Cody Eakin (Video)


The New York Rangers got quite a scare on Thursday night when franchise goaltender Henrik Lunqvist was blindsided by a vicious hit from Dallas Stars center Cody Eakin.

Lunqvist was playing the puck in the trapezoid behind his own net during a Rangers power play when Eaking came flying around the net and crashed into him, shoulder to head, sending his mask flying. Lunqvist remained down on the ice and eventually left the game for about five minutes. Eakin was handed a five-minute charging penalty and a game misconduct.

Take a look:

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The hit was incredibly dangerous and totally avoidable. It was clear that Lunqvist was handling the puck along the board, and there was plenty of room for somebody to pass between him and the goal. But Eakin didn’t even try to avoid hitting the guy. And it sure looked like he leapt into Lunqvist shoulder first.

According to the official NHL rulebook, “a minor, major, or a major and a game misconduct shall be imposed on a player who charges a goalkeeper while the keeper is within his crease.”

Of course, Lunqvist was not in his crease. But that does not mean he was fair game.

“A goalkeeper is not ‘fair game’ just because he outside the goal crease area,” the NHL rulebook continues. “The appropriate penalty should be assessed in every case where an opposing player makes unnecessary contact with a goalkeeper.”

Eakin definitely violated this rule. Now he’s got himself an appointment this afternoon with the NHL department of player safety.

Something tells me Eakin won’t like the outcome.

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