Report: Tony Romo Expected to Be Granted Release in Offseason

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

After an injury filled 2015 season, this year was supposed to be a comeback for the often injured veteran QB of the Dallas Cowboys. Then the wheels fell off in the preseason when Tony Romo got injured against the Seattle Seahawks and found himself out for a few weeks.

After a week 1 loss, the Cowboys went on an 11-game winning streak with rookie QB Dak Prescott, and Romo suddenly became expendable.  And apparently, he knows it.

According to reports, Romo could ask to be released this offseason, and his request will most likely be granted.


It’s been presumed that the Cowboys will make Dak Prescott the starter for 2017 and beyond, and that the Cowboys will trade Tony Romo. But Romo may not want to be traded.

As one source with knowledge of the situation recently explained it, Romo may be inclined to request a release in lieu of a trade. This would maximize his options and, in turn, ensure that his new team won’t be diluting its roster by giving up draft picks and/or players.

It was reported several weeks ago that Romo is eyeing the Broncos. He’s also keeping tabs on several other teams, potentially including the Cardinals and Dolphins.”

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