Dez Bryant Blasts ‘Fake, Bandwagon Cowboys Fans’ Over Dak-Romo Discussion: “Fake Fans, Back up”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys put yet another win on the board on Sunday night after defeating the Tampa Bay Bucs in a thriller at AT&T Stadium, but there was still an upset Cowboys player after the game.

After the Cowboys lost last week to the Giants, there was a multitude of articles stating if Dak Prescott, who had just won 11 straight games, should be benched in favor of veteran QB Tony Romo.

After the Cowboys won on Sunday, WR Dez Bryant went off on ‘fake, bandwagon Cowboys fans’ who fed into that discussion.

“Half of these people that run they damn mouths they just stat players, they don’t understand football, the philosophy of football,” Bryant said after the game. “I’m talking to the fake Cowboys fans, I’m talking to the bandwagon fans, I’m talking to everybody. First off, just jump off. We lost one game, we’re 11-2. Like, come on man this guy put us in this position.”

“You can’t name too many rookies that went 12-2. Name them. I’ll wait. You can’t,” Bryant said. “Fake fans, back up. Get back.”

Shots fired.


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