‘How Bout Them Cowboys?’: Rob Riggle Stars in Hilarious ‘Starboy’ Cover (Video)


You have to give Fox Sports just a little credit here for being clever, because I don’t think funnyman Rob Riggle would have dreamed this up on his own. On Sunday, the studio show put together a randomly awesome parody of The Weeknd’s “Starboy,” but swapped out the original lyrics for Dallas Cowboys-centric ones.

Oh, and Riggle was dressed like a 1992 Jimmy Johnson. It’s pretty great.

I have to give them props for parodying what seems to be the entire song, not just a minute or two of it.

And finally, props to the wardrobe department for getting Riggle that bitchin’ Starter jacket and magnificent Jimmy Johnson-themed hair. At least, I think that’s supposed to be JJ that Riggle’s dressed up as.

Either way, it’s funny as hell.

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