Red Wings-Hurricanes Game Cancelled Due to Bad Ice Caused by Global Warming (JK, It Was a Mechanical Problem)


Did you know that the official NHL rulebook says the ice has to be cooled to exactly 18 degrees Fahrenheit? Did you also know that no team can start a game less than 22 hours before their next one?

Well, both of those rules exist. And because of them, Monday night’s game between the Carolina Hurricanes and Detroit Red Wings in Raleigh had to be cancelled.

About 15 minutes before game-time, the Hurricanes announced that they were experiencing problems with the ice-cooling system, and that the start of the game would be delayed at least one hour.

You didn’t need a thermometer to see there was a big problem, either.

Ice, Ice Baby.

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Apparently a faulty part in the cooling system caused freon to leak out of the system. The part was replaced and freon was pumped back in. But that in itself couldn’t save the game. If neither team had a game on Tuesday they could have just waited until the ice was sufficiently cooled. However, the Red Wings are scheduled to face off against the Lightning in Tampa Bay at 7:30 p.m., which created a bit of a time crunch.

As the delay dragged on and boredom set in, things got pretty weird at PNC Arena.

Eventually, at 8:45 p.m., the Hurricanes announced that the game would have to be postponed.

Not a very fun night for hockey fans in Carolina.

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