Retired NFL RB Arian Foster Gets Into 3am Hot Dog Stand Altercation Over ‘N-word’ Insult (Video)


Almost two months ago, former Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins running back Arian Foster retired from the league after not wanting to deal with another rehab stint following his latest injury.

During an early morning visit to a hot dog stand, Arian Foster, his brother, and his father got into an altercation with a guy.  The altercation started with an insult over shoes and quickly turned when the guy said Foster wasn’t relevant anymore and called him a n*gga.

TMZ Sports has footage of Arian, his brother Abdul and father Carl at Yoyo’s Hot Dog around 3 AM on Sunday … and at first, it seems the ex-NFL star is having fun with some local college kids. Foster says the other man’s shoes are “awful.”

But things quickly took a turn — witnesses tell us the college students felt Arian took the insults too far, so they began shouting back at him. Someone shouted at Arian, “You’re not even relevant anymore, n***a.”

Abdul was pissed — and tried to confront the insult hurler (who we’re told is black). Adbul then got physical with 2 people and that’s when Arian and Carl rushed in to break the whole thing up.

At one point, Arian says to one of the students, “F**k you, n***a.”

Witnesses told us someone threw a hot dog in the melee … but it was broken up before things escalated into a brawl and everyone left when someone threatened to call police.”

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