Texans Rookie Gets Roped into Covering $15,000 Dinner Tab for Team (Pic)

While hazing rituals will likely (hopefully) be phased out of pro football at some point, the age-old tradition of rookies covering ridiculous steakhouse dinner tabs isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This time around it was Texans rookie safety K.J. Dillon who was forced to cover a $16,00+ dinner tab for him and some teammates.

Of course, they could have done only half as much damage if they hadn’t ordered those 22 shots of Hennessy, but that’s sort of the point, isn’t it?

I don’t know how he drew the short end of the stick, but he’s “only” supposed to make $450,000 this year, which is about $250,000 after taxes. So a $16,000 meal could really hurt his bottom line.

They should have gotten Osweiler to cover it. He’s got cash and some explaining to do…

Dillon tweeted out a couple pics but it seems they’re removed, so we’re left with this:


His deleted tweet read that he doesn’t even drink, which is a tough pill to swallow. I bet he started drinking after he saw the tab, though.


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