Video Shows Michael Floyd Passed Out In Car During DUI Arrest (Video)


Former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd was arrested in Scottdale last week and was promptly released from the team because of his actions.

Officers became increasingly suspicious when Floyd didn’t move during a green light, so they went and checked on him and saw that he was passed out.

Now a member of the New England Patriots, Floyd has to deal with this saga once again as TMZ has obtained video of that night and released it.

“The footage was shot around 2:48 AM on Monday morning when cops noticed Floyd’s Cadillac Escalade was stopped at a green traffic light … and didn’t move for two cycles.

When cops approached the car, you can see Floyd completely zonked out in the front seat with his mouth open.

Officers banged on the window to wake him up and he was completely discombobulated.

Floyd had no idea where he was at or what time it was … and gave conflicted answers on what he had to drink earlier that night.

Floyd does cop to drinking wine … but can’t keep his story straight about how many glasses he drank and where he drank … at one point saying he drank on the Cardinals team flight from Miami to AZ.”

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