Former Buffalo Bills LB Robert Eddins Found Shot to Death in a Detroit Basement (Video)


Robert Eddins was an undrafted player signed by the Buffalo Bills and played for them in 2011, but on Tuesday his life came to a sudden end as he was found murdered.

“Defensive end Robert Eddins and another man were found shot to death inside on home on Pierson, just south of Eight Mile. The gas stove was left on, giving investigators the impression that whomever did this tried to cover up their tracks. Police also did not find any signs of forced entry, leading investigators to believe the victims might have known the suspect.

Investigators say the house had heat and was, in their words, “in good shape except for one room.”

“There was one room that was tossed, so it looked like they were looking for something,” Worboys said.”

He was only 28-years-old.

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