Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer Says ‘F**k Joe Mixon …I Hope Someone Beats His Ass’ (VIDEO)


Last week, a video surfaced on the web of Oklahoma Sooners running back Joe Mixon violently punching a fellow female student in the face after she slapped him back in 2014.

The video itself was hard to watch and everybody had strong feelings about it, but nobody had stronger feelings than Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, who absolutely went off on the Sooners running back while speaking with TMZ recently.

“Jay Glazer couldn’t be more clear when it comes to Joe Mixon — F*** THAT GUY.

The “NFL on FOX” star — one of the most connected guys in football — was leaving Craig’s in WeHo when we asked if teams were still considering drafting the Oklahoma running back after seeing him brutalizing a woman in newly released video.

Glazer UNLOADED — blasting the guy as a total piece of garbage who doesn’t deserve the PRIVILEGE of playing in the NFL.

Glazer also says he hopes someone will “beat his ass.” Full context here … he’d just finished dinner with a friend — a model named Anne Greene who was beaten by men. So he was especially fired up about the topic.

For the the record, Jay has come out strong against man-on-woman violence in the past — trashing guys like Greg Hardy and Ray Rice.”

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